Why be a MAHCP member?

We have a 40 year history as an organization,

but never before has membership been more critical than now!


ATTENTION Hearing Aid Dealers, Salespeople and Audiologists...



As many of you are already aware, all of the Administrative Rules regarding Hearing Aid Dealers were rescinded at the end of October 2014 by the Governor's Office of Reinvention.  We now find ourselves in a CRITICAL TIME for Hearing Aid Dispensers and Audiologists here in the state of Michigan.

There are many changes that could occur because of these rule changes that may not be favorable to consumers and providers here in Michigan.  We need a strong membership from Salesperson's, Dealers and Audiologists here in Michigan in order to help protect our profession and the consumers we are so lucky to serve.  Here is a link to the rules changes.

For those that don't know us, we are the Michigan Alliance of Hearing Care Professionals.  (Formerly the Michigan Hearing Aid Society.)  We are the state chapter of the International Hearing Aid Society and it is our job to monitor our industry at the state level both for the betterment of our industry and the consumers.

In order to do this effectively we need the membership of as many of the 700+ dispensing professionals here in Michigan as is possible. We have a 40 year history as an organization, but never has membership been more critical than now! 

For our members we offer:

  1. Updated News about current industry changes.
  2. Fall Meetings and Spring Conventions for education and Continuing Education Units.
  3. Connection, for members to build business relationships within our profession.
  4. COMING JAN. 1 - A NEW UPDATED; a new website to include regular news and a membership forum for industry related news and events. 

Membership is only $175 for 2 years for a voting membership for Dealers, Salespeople and Audiologists.  IN ADDITION members also save $50 in registration fees to our Annual Conference. 



Did you know? 

  • The Michigan Alliance current membership represents nearly 200 dispensing offices here in Michigan.
  • We have a 40 year history as an organization as your state chapter of IHS.
  • Both Hearing Aid Specialists and Audiologists comprise the Michigan Alliance membership.
  • Members receive regular newsletters on trending issues related to our industry and specifically Michigan. 
  • Members are invited to the Fall Meeting and Spring Conference.
  • We offer CEUs for our Conferences